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On-Site Resource

I complete all my work to a very high standard, be it Design or Code. The output is simple, effective, efficient, maintainable and supportable.

I am able to train team members and mentor them to build their Design and Development skills in both Singl.eView Convergent Billing and Perl.

As an on-site consultant, I will integrate with your team and can perform as a CB Architect and/or Development resource.

I are currently only looking for contracts within the UK, however contracts aboard will be considered for the right conditions.

Off-site Resource

All code developed is cleanly written and commented and is easily maintained. All code produced is owned by you unless you have purchased one of our generic module packages.

Where possible, any scripts or modules we produce come with an automated unit test package written with Test::More and all modules come with PerlDoc documentation as standard.

All code produced remotely is tested on our own test bed and comes with a Makefile ready to be added to your CVS repository.

We will be able to provide support either via e-mail or telephone and on a call-by-call or fixed rate charge for a specific period.
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