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5+ Ways To Unlock The iPhone 6

In this post, we’ll show you five different ways to unlock the iPhone 6.

Apple Inc. is a world-renowned billion-dollar company famous for its advances in the technological world.

This brand focuses on developing and designing innovative and ground-breaking computer, electronic devices, software, and as well as other online services.

Having been ranked as one of the Big Four in the tech industry, Apple is known for its famous Mac laptops, iPods, iPads, and iPhone series.

One of their best-sellers in the iPhone category is the iPhone 6. This version is coveted by many mainly due to its advanced user interface and its sleek design. No wonder everyone wants one!

With that said, unlocking the iPhone 6 has grown progressively in demand because the general public found out that they need not settle for sub-standard phone service and reception. With this rise, the various methods for unlocking also widened.

According to WhyTheLuckyStiff, there are currently three types of unlocking available for the iPhone series. Let’s see which one suits the iPhone 6, and which one you think is the best.

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Methods To Unlock iPhone 6

Video Guide: How To Unlock iPhone 6s (Plus) – Sim Unlock

Method #1: Carrier Unlocking Service

Some carriers offer unlocking services (either free or with charge), which means all you have to do is visit any of your carrier’s stores and inquire about unlocking services.

This should be the first unlocking method you should try since this is the safest among all the unlocking methods. Your carriers are trusted and reliable, so you can rest easy and know that you and your device are in good hands.

Method #2: Unlocking the Software

While this method may be on the table, we recommend that you not do this. Nonetheless, it is still important that you know and understand how this type of unlocking is done – to provide awareness, of course!

Software unlocking requires you to install specific software on your device to alter its original configuration.

Then, this enables you to do calls with the use of any type of carrier. Although this sounds simple and preferable, it is actually dangerous. Hackers can use this method as a way of getting into your device’s system and navigating (and possibly stealing) your sensitive and classified data.

Another reason why you should not attempt to do this is that the majority has claimed that this type of unlocking does not work for iPhones 4 and up, while others, to this day still, claim that it does work.

Method #3: Unlocking the Hardware

This method requires you to change your device’s hardware to enable the redirection of your calls by way of an alternative pathway in the device itself, and with any luck, enable you to activate a sim card that is of another carrier.

For this to work, you will have to employ the services of an expert (if you are not knowledgeable enough to do so in order to crack your device open physically, and subsequently meddle with its internal components. Not only is it not guaranteed, but it can also be a bit pricey as well.

This method can have unpredictable results due to the fact that it entails the internal hardware of the device being exposed to various environmental factors that could possibly damage it.

Moreover, altering the device’s original configuration and system settings could cause it to malfunction as well.

Despite this, around 30% of all unlocking cases are successful. So when opting to go for this method, do keep that in mind. You are not guaranteed anything when experimenting with this kind of unlocking, so we suggest it’s best that you try the next method instead.

Method #4: Unlocking the Network or IMEI

This is perhaps the lone method for unlocking your iPhone 6 that is safe. Not only that, but this one actually works too!

Each iPhone 6 unit to have ever existed is assigned a special code that identifies that specific unit from the rest.

This unique code is called IMEI or the International Mobile Equipment Identifier. If the iPhone were a person, the IMEI would be their fingerprint. The IMEI can be found on the company (Apple) database together with all the other data regarding your specific unit – like its production year, storage capacity, unit color, unit number, and if that unit has been unlocked or not.

In this method, anyone who gains access and control over your IMEI data can change your device’s status and unlock it. There is no need to install software, and there is no need for physical manipulations.

They just press a certain button, then reformate the device, and it’s unlocked! Without a doubt, we recommend that this be the unlocking method you use for your iPhone. With this, you can get yourself an iPhone without restrictions while avoiding the problematic consequences of doing so.

How to Unlock Your iPhone 6

Look for your device’s IMEI code. Since it is a unique code of identification, third-party service providers will need it to identify your device’s specification and data in the database.

How to Find the IMEI Code

Video Guide: iPhone 6s – How To Check The Imei Number (Lost Or Stolen)

Option 1: Dial this on your device: *#06#

Option 2: Try looking for the IMEI at the back part of your device

Option 3: If your device has not been activated yet, you can find a tiny “i” button on your activation interface. Press on it and you will find the code on your screen.

  1. Select the model of your device – iPhone 6
  2. Choose IMEI Service Provider.
  3. Input your IMEI code.
  4. Choose the “Unlock now!” option.
  5. Proceed to payment.
  6. Type in your email to receive updates on your status.
  7. Wait to receive an update regarding your completely successful unlock status. (This may take a few days.)

The 2 Best IMEI Unlocking Service Providers for iPhone 6

  • DoctorUnlock – for residents in the UK, Canada, USA
  • DirectUnlocks – for residents outside of UK, Canada, USA

Factors in Choosing IMEI Service Providers

  • Unlocking Range
  • Price
  • Payment Process
  • Customer Service
  • Success Rate
  • Performance Speed

Forum Feedback

To find out more about how to unlock iPhone 6, we searched through several Apple forums and a couple of discussion boards. In general, phone users were interested in how to unlock iPhone 6 passcode/without a passcode, how to unlock iPhone 6 iCloud locked, and how to unlock iPhone 6 with code.

A phone user explains that if you unlock your iPhone 6, you can use it with different carriers.

The person mentions that you can unlock by contacting your carrier and check if they offer unlocking and request one. However, he adds that you have to meet your carrier’s requirements before your iPhone gets unlocked.

The person also observes that the process might take a few days and that you have to be patient. When your carrier unlocks your iPhone, you can switch the SIM cards.

Another forum member says that you can find three options to unlocking iPhone 6/6s when searching the net – software, hardware, or IMEI unlocking.

The person warns that software unlocking usually doesn’t work at all and that hardware unlocking might damage your device. Moreover, hardware unlocking will make your warranty void, and as such, you won’t be able to fix your phone if something happens to it. The individual advises that you only use IMEI unlocking since it is the only way to unlock iPhone 6 safely and without getting in trouble with your carrier.

unlock your iPhone 6

A person explains that every iPhone has a unique identification code or IMEI, which is stored in Apple’s database. So, someone who has access to this database can change your phone’s settings from lock to unlock using the IMEI code. The individual comments that you can find your IMEI on the back of your iPhone 6 or by dialing *#06#.

Then you have to provide this IMEI number to your chosen service for unlocking iPhones. He also mentions that you must pay a fee for the unlocking.

An individual commented that more than 10 IMEI unlock providers existed but that not all of them were able to unlock all iPhone 6. He recommends DoctorUnlock for iPhones locked to carriers inside the USA. The person explains that DoctorUnlock is fast, affordable, and offers great customer support. The only disadvantage was the limited ranges of unlocks.

Another phone user reports that DirectUnlock is one of the best services for iPhones locked to carriers outside the USA. He mentions that they have a wide range of unlocks available and that they have excellent customer support.

unlock your iPhone 6

A person explains that software unlocking involves downloading software on your iPhone, which will change the configurations of your phone. However, Apple knows about this loophole, and as such, it has taken care of it so that software unlocking is not available for iPhone 4 and above.

The individual also remarks that hardware unlocking requires someone tinkering inside your iPhone and that it’s not reliable at all. He mentions that it works in less than half the cases, and a broken iPhone is a more likely scenario.

Another iPhone user states that the best option for unlocking iPhone 6 is DoctorSIM Unlock services because it supports over 60 countries and doesn’t violate the warranty of your phone. He adds that DoctorSIM also can unlock jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhone 6.

A forum poster shares that he uses for unlocking iPhone 6 and that he likes it because once unlocked, the phone remains unlocked even if he updates the OS. He mentions that whitelists your IMEI number and that it’s legitimate and won’t get you into trouble. He also says that you can sync your iPhone with iTunes and that it will remain unlocked.

Another member of the community states that you can use OfficialiPhoneUnlock if you want to unlock your iPhone to other carriers. He reports that OfficialiPhoneUnlock unlocks the phone through iCloud Unlock and that you have to provide your IMEI number again.

An individual comments that you might accidentally lock your iPhone when you enter your passcode too many times. In such cases, you’ll have to erase your device and all your data to restore and unlock your iPhone. The person explains that you have to download/install iTunes on your computer, turn off your iPhone 6, and then connect it to your computer.

He stresses that it’s important to hold the Home button while you’re connecting the phone. Then you will get the options to restore/update your device. The phone user recommends that you always backup your phone in case something happens, and you must get your iPhone back.


So, as a conclusion, if you are looking to unlock your iPhone 6, the best option would be by having the network or IMEI unlocked by trustworthy service providers such as the aforementioned ones. Good luck!


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